SPIC Global

State Power Investment Corporation (“SPIC”) proactively carries out the country’s “going globally” strategy,
makes full use of “two (domestic and international) markets and two kinds of (domestic and international) resources”,
constantly intensifies research and layout of projects which are along the locations covered by “One Belt, One Road” Initiative
and has built remarkably stronger capabilities in aspects of investments in foreign power stations.

By the end of 2016, the installed capacity of overseas assets covered 36 countries. Overseas assets amounted to RMB 38.2 billion.
Had 35 ongoing overseas projects such as electric power engineering consultation and design project and power plant operation and maintenance service project, etc.
The total installed capacity of the general contracted overseas power plant projects under implementation reached 13.5 GW... Learn more>>

North America and South America

Africa and Europe

Asia and Oceania


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