Integrated Smart Energy

Integrated Smart Energy

SPIC is committed to supply-side structural reforms and innovative development of integrated smart energy.

Other than separated planning, design and operation of different types of energy, the integrated smart energy can provide regional integrated energy solutions with function blocks as base units。 It can create production synergy, pipe synergy and demand synergy and achieve interaction between energy producer and consumer through horizontal integration of different energy products such as “power, heat, cooling, natural gas and water” and vertical integration of various energy supply links like “generation source, gird, load, storage”。

广西快3代理Integrated smart energy features comprehensiveness, interaction, proximity, marketization, intelligence and low carbon etc. It reflects four revolutions, i.e. energy consumption revolution, supply revolution, technology revolution and system revolution.

Representative projects
1.Multi-cogeneration of electricity, heat and water in Caojing, Shanghai

广西快3代理Shanghai Caojing Thermal Power Plant is located in the Chemical Industry Park in Shanghai。 With two sets of 9F class gas turbines and supporting heat, water supply pipes, it provides the park with electricity, steam and demineralized water and other products as well as energy value-added services including energy-saving management。

Project features:

2. Multi-cogeneration of electricity, heat and water in Hengqin, Zhuhai
No。 3 Energy Station of Hengqin Energy under SPIC Guangdong Electric Power (under construction)

广西快3代理The project in Hengqin Zhuhai in intended to provide the whole island with a solution of integrated electricity, cooling, heating, gas and water。 It is an important energy foundation for building eco-island and national low-carbon city (town) pilot project in Hengqin New District。

广西快3代理The project plans to build 8 gas co-generator sets。 At present, there are two sets of 9F class gas combined recycling generator sets as well as supporting heat network and cold network systems。 Relying on cascade energy utilization, the primary energy utilization rate can reach up to 73%。

It is proposed to build 9 refrigeration stations with a total installed capacity of 300,000 RT。 The energy supply radius of each refrigeration station is about 1。5km。

The project is able to provide cooling (heating) for the whole Hengqin New District:

  • ·Close-range direct cold supply
  • ·Medium-distance ice storage for refrigeration
  • ·Long-distance electric refrigeration

Hengqin Cogeneration Plant, SPIC Guangdong Electric Power

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