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Resumption of work and production promoted in national science and technology major projects
Source:NEWS CENTERWriter:Du Yu, Gou YawenDate:02/03/2020

广西快3代理  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, efforts have been made in China to promote the resumption of work and production in two major National Science and Technology Projects dealing with heavy-duty gas turbine and nuclear power on the basis of ensuring stable and safe production of power, stable supply of fuel and the stability of the workforce。

  The heavy-duty gas turbine

  Organizing the Heavy-duty Gas Turbine Major Project according to the JYKJ plan

  Being responsible for the implementation of heavy-duty gas turbine project in the major “Two Engines” Projects, the State Power Investment Corporation Limited (SPIC) has made clear plans to advance the projects since the outbreak. The Party committee of SPIC China United Gas Turbine Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “UGTC”) has promptly decided that the general principle would be to “fight against the epidemic while carrying out the major projects”. Major tasks should be in strict accordance with the JYKJ plan (plan - budget - assessment - stimulation) while exerting great efforts in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  UGTC Department of Project systematically reviewed the possible effects of the epidemic before the end of the Chinese New Year holiday. The Department recognized 25 risks and worked out appropriate measures for the prevention and control of each risk. The projects were being carried out on stable footing while putting under control the risks caused by the epidemic. UGTC has gradually resumed its work since February 10, and the major tasks have been carried out steadily.

  UGTC will continue to realize the main goals for the Heavy-duty Gas Turbine Major Project in 2020: (1) to complete the preliminary design of 300 MW F-class heavy-duty gas turbine and transition to the next stage by the end of the year; (2) to complete the conceptual design of 400 MW G/H-class heavy-duty gas turbine and transition to the next stage by the end of the year; (3) to commence the work of the gas compressor and high-temperature components testbed by the end of May; and (4) to commence the work of the experimental power station by the end of September。

  The aerial view of Haiyang NPP Unit 1

  RCOH for Haiyang NPP Unit 1 Carried Out as Scheduled

  While China is fighting against the epidemic, the first RCOH for Haiyang NPP Unit 1, the Gen III Nuclear Power Self-reliant Project of China, was carried out in an intense but orderly manner as scheduled. Under the coordination of SPIC, more than 10 enterprises, including SDNPC, SNPTC, SNERDI, China Power Huayuan Nuclear Power Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd., Qinghe Maintenance, SNPSC, SNPAS, SEP, SNPDRI and SN-Zr combined efforts, exerting great efforts in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

  “We need to prioritize and place equal emphasis on the prevention and control of the epidemic along with nuclear safety,” said Wu Fang, the Secretary of the Party Committee and the Chairman of SPIC SDNPC. SPIC SDNPC launched prevention and control work against coronavirus on January 20 through managing big data and establishing a prevention and control system.

  Two volunteers who cut short holidays and returned to posts in advance

  Meanwhile, SDNPC also set up volunteer service groups composed of Party members, who had cut short their holidays and returned to posts in advance. With the cooperation of 89 partners, a secure framework for epidemic prevention was established, effectively guaranteeing on site production work.

  The first RCOH for Haiyang NPP Unit 1 has been carried out orderly as of 0:00 February 17. Unit 2 is working in a safe and steady manner with an accumulative energy production of 12.869 billion kWh. The first domestic demonstration project for the commercial use of nuclear heating has worked smoothly, guaranteeing heat supply of local residents.

广西快3代理  SPIC undertakes the self-reliant innovation project of China’s Gen III nuclear power, and is responsible for the introduction and re-innovation of AP 1000 Gen III nuclear power technology. This is done in order to realize self-reliance in engineering design, equipment manufacture, engineering construction and operation management of nuclear power plants, and develop large and advanced PWR nuclear power plant with intellectual property rights.

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