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Major Special Project "Development of Reactor Pressure Vessel Guohe No. 1 (CAP1400)" Passed the Official Acceptance of the Energy Administration
Source:NEWS CENTERWriter:Date:07/12/2018

On December 4, the major special project large advanced pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant "Development of Reactor Pressure Vessel Guohe No。 1 (CAP1400)" designed independently by SPIC Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute Co。, Ltd。 and jointly implemented by China First Heavy Industries, State Nuclear Power Plant Service Company and others passed the official acceptance of the National Energy Administration。

The acceptance expert group agreed that the project fully completed the research content stipulated in the task contract, met the requirements of the indicators for performance appraisal, and the expenditure was reasonable and compliant, and agreed to accept the project.

Project Acceptance Meeting    Photo/Liu Runfa

The project was officially launched in January 2013. The team took four and a half years to conquer the key technologies such as the design of Guohe No. 1 reactor pressure vessels, the manufacturing process of key forgings and the manufacturing of reactor pressure vessels, thus fully mastering the design and manufacturing technology of Guohe No. 1 reactor pressure vessels, realizing the independent design and manufacturing of Guohe No. 1 reactor pressure vessels, and laying a technical foundation for the construction of Guohe No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant with independent intellectual property rights.

The project has obtained a number of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, including 5 granted patents (4 invention patents), 1 technical secret, 11 research reports, 9 technological regulations and technical standards for enterprises. The project has trained a team of talents who have mastered the design, manufacturing and testing techniques of Guohe No. 1 reactor pressure vessels. The results of the project will be effectively transformed and will be popularized and applied in projects such as Guohe No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1. 

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