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SPIC Signed Agreement of Technology Collaboration of Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Program with Ansaldo
Source:NEWS CENTERWriter:Date:29/03/2019

  On 23 March 2019, QIAN Zhimin, Chairman of SPIC and Giuseppe ZAMPINI, CEO of Ansaldo, signed Agreement of Technology Collaboration of Heavy-Duty Gas Turbine Program in Rome, Italy.

  According to the Agreement, the two sides will undertake in-depth technical cooperation to expedite the process of China's independent innovation of heavy-duty gas turbine. Meanwhile, the two sides reached consensus on future cooperation in various areas, including jointly engaging with other countries along the "Belt and Road", as well as exploring potentials for cooperation in the nuclear sector.

  China United Gas Turbine Technology Co., Ltd. ("UGTC"), a subsidiary of SPIC, is currently making headway to promote major special work as the implementation unit of the "aero-engine, heavy duty gas turbine" special heavy-duty gas turbine project. In the follow-up R&D process, UGTC will adhere to the self-centered and self-controlled cooperation concept and fully draw lessons from foreign advanced experience in research and development, engineering design and test verification in the field of gas turbine to realize the R&D objective of heavy-duty gas turbine technology with completely independent intellectual property rights soon.


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